Simple to use

V7’s system has been designed to be superbly easy to use. Simple, clear screens are presented to users in a manner that improves productivity and makes the system a pleasure to use. This ease of use minimises the costs of training and ensures full use of the V7 system at all times.


Our digital dictation system has been honed and developed to offer extraordinary flexibility. Adapting the system to reflect changes in the client’s organisation usually just takes a few seconds.

Rapid Deployment

Whatever their size, V7 systems can be up and running within the shortest time possible. A configuration module is used to set user permissions and allows for rapid changes if necessary. Brief, introductory training is then all that’s needed to allow users to get the full benefit of a V7 system. If you’d like to try V7, we can get a pilot up and running with days.

Cost effective

A system from V7 can offer savings of many thousands of pounds compared to systems from other suppliers. Whatever your objective – savings on document production costs; document outsourcing; reduction in temporary staff costs; - a V7 system will be able to meet it.

Manage your workflow

On a V7 system, work can be shared; allocated; or outsourced by means of the press of a few buttons. There’s always a real-time view of all the work and its status. The system is designed to maximise productivity and minimise the time from recording to finished document.

Be mobile

Our Yodal voice recording application for BlackBerry smartphones is the best that’s available. It combines extraordinary voice quality together with rapid and reliable file upload. Yodal leads the way in next-generation digital dictation.
"We love this system! It makes life much easier with managing and prioritising workloads for the secretaries. Being able to highlight urgents is a bonus, as is the downloading from other sites straight after clinic, rather than waiting 2 or 3 days to get the tape back."
Debbie Stowe
Cardiology Secretary
Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust
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"We wanted a one-stop solution that would enable all the teams across the country to help each other. No barriers horizontally or vertically and V7 fulfilled the brief perfectly"
Tracey Higgs
Project Manager
Colliers International
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